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Clara Casas is a trendy girl from Barcelona (Spain). She is a photographer, a creative director and she also works as a model and influencer. She studied for a MA in Fashion Photography at Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design in London. In her work, she combines food and fashion. Currently, she is starting to work with music, as well. She has more than 23K followers on Instagram and a website where she shows her portfolio. She works with well-known brands and prestigious models.

Clara Casas es una chica trendy de Barcelona (España). Es fotógrafa, directora creativa y además trabaja como modelo e influencer. Ha estudiado el Máster en Fotografía de Moda enCentral Saint Martins College of Arts and Design en Londres. En su trabajo combina el «food and fashion«. También está empezando a trabajar con la música. En Instagram cuenta con más de 23K seguidores y tiene una página web  donde muestra su portfolio. Trabaja con marcas reconocidas y con modelos de prestigio.




User Daziell
Location Barcelona
Height 1,63
Weight 53
Age 23
Shoes 38/38,5
Trousers 34-36
Jackets S-M
Eyes colour brown
Hair colour brown